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MASTERTOYS (RU-TOYS, LTD) is a distributor and importer of different goods for kids.  Our company was established in 2005 year.

The main categories in our assortment are  baby goods, DIY kits, wooden toys.


Our benefits:

we know the features of Russian market and needs of  our people.

we have experience in distributing and promotion of kids’ goods.

there are department of development and adaptation of foreign goods for Russian market.

we constructed large and really working distribution network.

we have 2 warehouses in different parts of Russia (Moscow and Yekaterinburg). So, we   provide operative and comfortable supplies of goods to our clients all over Russia.  


Corporate strategy, marketing researches, clients policy provide the annual growth in the qualitative and quantitative indicators. The average turnover growth is about 25% per year.

We are the direct distributors of some famous brands: Topbright (wooden toys), COGO (constructors) and some others.

We are the exclusive distributor in Russia of brand Halilit (musical toys from Israel).

Also we have our own brand of DIY sets “Razvivashki”. It is one of the most popular brand of DIY sets in Russia. There are more than 650 items. They are produced at 6 Chinese factories. Web-site: www.razvivashki.com.


The total quantity of employees is about 30. All of them have high qualification and rich experience.


We take part in the main exhibitions of Russia “Toys&Games”, “Mir detstva” at least 2 times per year (March, September).


Our consumers are the large retail networks, specialized retailers, wholesalers from all over Russia.


We are looking for new goods and brands to present them to Russian market.


Please send us your offer to e-mail: orders@ru-toys.ru.










Новые поступления фресок из песка

9 ноября 2018 года

  В продажу поступили новые фрески из песка  




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